First off, I have been told many times that I should not write. Okay, that was specifically not to write at work, but I have never felt that I'm a particularly good writer. I enjoy the creative process of writing, I just lack any natural talent for it. This is the message that I feel I have been told since grade school. I was a math person, only I learned in college that I really wasn't a math person, I was just an analytical person.

The other day I saw an interesting list of story telling rules from Pixar on pinterest (or shared by someone claiming they are Pixar's, who knows now a days). I thought it was interesting and so pinned it. It inspired me to write again...well...sort of. I find it difficult to make time for much in my life recently, but I want to write more. If nothing else, to remind myself what I was thinking or even just to organize random thoughts into coherent points about what I feel about what is happening.

To hopefully encourage me towards this, I would like to start writing thoughts more often. I know there is social media that allows everyone to share anything that comes to mind. My hope is for something a little better thought out then that, but not quite full blown blog posts (that is too much commitment). So, hopefully once a week or so, I plan on sharing some thoughts about what is going on in life or something that I have heard about.

That said, here goes!