So, we got the opportunity to upgrade the windows and insulation on the house. The windows are the original, single pane ones and the insulation in the attic was well below current code (though likely up to code when the house was built in the 70's. The windows will take a while to come in but will be triple pane. The obscured ones will use the rain pattern (looks like rain running down the window). The insulation they came and blew into the attic last week and it has kept the house a little warmer this past week. I can't wait to see the different the windows make on keeping our temperature better regulated.

It seems we are very much in the process of upgrading our house to be more current. We still have plenty of things to do: AC instead of a swamp cooler, new eaves and rain gutters, water heater (we are really hoping that goes out on the home warranty) and the furnace. For now, though, we are starting a pause phase as we save up some money again. We have a little more borrowed money currently than we want to have. We are still very much okay to make all our payments but we want to cut some of those payments out before we add any others, like a car or remodeling.

It is a fun process making a home into yours instead of it being someone else's old house. I look forward to only small projects for the next while.