SC2 match - Winter vs HuK

For those who don't know, I really like Starcraft. I'm not particularly good, but I really like the game. I recently got turned on to a coach/player who recently took a year off of college to stream and coach Starcraft 2. He is a masters level player who somehow keeps a good attitude and such even coaching lowly bronze players (like me, not that I've done coaching with him yet). But he coaches on stream where everyone can learn. I've even gone back through his youtube channel and found good tips on how to do a couple of things that I've wondered about for a while. Great kid (I feel I can say that with almost 10 years on him).

Anyways, tonight somehow he was challenged by (currently) evil geniuses' HuK. Huk is a premier sc2 player who competes in top level tournaments. To put it simply, he is quite a bit better than Winter (the coach/player I've been watching and learning tips from). Anyways, they decided to play a best of 3. I quickly decided to watch the matchup from both streams. So instead of watching it in observer mode where you see everything, I was watching it from both of their points of view (one on one screen and one on the other). HuK definitely trolled Winter a bit but it was really fun to watch (technically it isn't trolling if the other person doesn't get upset, but that's a mute point). Part of what made it so awesome was that both of them were commenting as they played. It was interesting to see what they thought of different situations.

In the end Huk won 2-1 (only giving away the 1 because we was playing without gateway units (in response to Winter's comment about how HuK always goes heavy gateway). After losing the second game he wasn't willing to risk the match by going mass phoenix again. HuK had good things to say about Winter being a real player and not just someone making money and such. It was very nice on both sides. They were both good sports about it.

I think it would be cool to see more matches like this one.

Anyway, it made me like HuK more than I did previously. You can follow his twitch stream at

For more information about Winter checkout his twitch stream or checkout tips, coaching sessions, matches, and tutorials on his youtube channel.

Either way, thanks guy for an awesome match (even if it was a little one sided).