Menu Trail By Path

Keeping menus open can be an important indication of where a person is in a site. The problem is that in Drupal that usually means putting every page into the menu. At work we have so overloaded our menu system before that we had to up our php memory limit. Not saying it wasn't a full menu, but it was lower than I would like. Because of that, I tend to be hesitant on anything that requires putting lots of items into menus.

Hoping to find a better solution, I went looking among the Drupal modules for something that could match specific content types to a specified menu. What I found was that would determine the active menu trail using the url path of the current page. The best part is that it now works not only for the content in the menu but also the views that with arguments. I also only need to put the pages in the menu that I want to have visible in the menu.

Image that, using the menu to only do what the menu is meant to do: manage the visible menu!

I know there are other modules like Menu Position which appear to be much more robust but also require configuration to manage (from what I understand). The Menu Trail By Path module has no configuration and just works. If I find a place where it doesn't give me what I need I will have to try out the other, but for now I would rather avoid the configuration pieces.