Happy Birthday Boy-oh

Today is as my son's 5th birthday. He is autistic and it is hard to tell how much he understands or doesn't understand. We are glad to see that he remembers present opening since last year.

It is interesting that it snowed today. Five years ago, on the night he was born, there was a snow storm that hit the town where we lived. We barely made it to the Christmas party that night with the car sliding around on the snow. We weren't home long before we left again to get to the hospital. The drive was slower than we had hoped it would be and by the time we got there it was too late for an epidural as my wife was fully dilated and had finished going through transition.

It brings back a certain nostalgia to see the snow collecting in our back yard. It reminds me (though quite a bit weaker this year than that one) of the night I first met my little man (with his poor, bruised forehead from coming out upside down) and how exited I was to be his father.

He might not understand why Grandma showed up tonight or why he was opening presents; but, if there is one thing that I pray he knows it would be how much he is loved. Not by me alone. I, of myself, have a temper and struggle desperately with him on most days. But how he is loved by his mother, sisters, grandparents, cousins, extended family, ward, and especially by his Savior and his Father in Heaven.

He likely doesn't need me. But I learn so much from him. So tonight (roughly when you were born those five years ago), I wish you a very happy birthday with all the best of wishes for the next year. I love you, son.