April 2011 General Conference Session 4

Last night I stayed up and had my own little Bond-fest. I started late and fell asleep before I finished the third movie. I started with Live and Let Die because it was the oldest one on the suggested list whose title I recognized. I then proceeded in order with The Man with the Golden Gun and most of The Spy Who loved Me. I'm a little tired this morning.

Dieder F. Uchdorf

Paul was one who truly understood and lived the concept on complete commitment, even as Saul. There has been a lot of talk about the little things that build testimony. Not getting caught up on looking for large things and missing the shall, simple, normal things all around us that would strengthen our resolve and testimony. Isn't it so true that most things in life are more like puzzles than life changing miracles? Miracles none the less, but often ones we have to be watching and paying attention to notice.
Not only do we need to be watching for the little events in our lives but for guidance to be the little events in the lives of others. I like the idea of sharing the gospel when asked what you did last weekend: try to share something about what you learned in church. Not to be preachy, but to show that it is important in your life. I really like President Uchdorf's talks.

Paul V. Johnson (of the Seventy)

Sadly, trials rarely come in areas of our lives were we feel we are in the most control. As personal growth is the goal, that would be a waste of time. Often after the hardest trials come the greatest blessings: the Red Sea, the first vision, Nephi obtaining the plates of brass, and others.
How interesting that Paul labeled trials of life as light - a man who was beaten many times and bore many great physical challenges. Growth comes from challenge. Don't resent the challenges that will make us strong. Like an athlete, love and look forward for the opportunity to experience the challenge.

H. David Burton

The hungry are not interested in the gospel. They must be feed so they can focus on their eternal soul. It is not wrong for the Church to feed an investigator so that they may be taken care of enough to listen to the missionaries and apply the message in their lives. Likely this is to be done according to the the keys presiding in the area but should not surprise of shock us. So it is that we should look out for our neighbors and members of our community. "Be kind to the Poor."

Let us all press on

Silvia H. Allred (1st Councilor in Relief Society)

This seems to be about how the welfare program works (on the spiritual site).

David A. Bednar

Light is awesome. Watching the sun rise is a very amazing process to behold. One that i have not had the opportunity to enjoy for a while. I mean sitting, contemplate, and enjoy not merely perceive as I travel on my way to work and other activities. I am exited to read the scriptures and enjoy the early morning in our own little grove (once we move). I think that would be a fun activity to enjoy with my children as they grow up. It will require giving up some Saturday mornings but I think would be valuable to my life.

Have I done any good in the world today

Thomas S. Monson

Happy anniversary, 3 years already! Ohh, template talk. Oh the standard template stories (new but none the less the same basic concept) they are always about high personal price to get there. I can imagine that they get to hear them often, when they go to dedicate ground for new temples in remote areas. Sanctified by sacrifice. Rome, that would be a cool temple to visit.