April 2011 General Conference Session 2

Welcome back for round two. In the interim we played Indian Jones 2 on the Wii. Like I said, we require entertainment, we shouldn't but we do.

Ohhh, April, interesting stats that I will not be able to type fast enough so don't expect me to. Maybe some of them though. I'm still getting used to the new apostle names, yeah I know it has been a while but you really don't deal with them as much once you are out of seminary (or maybe I'm just a terrible person). Wow, lots of quorum/seventy stuff. Finance and Tithes - Always the same exact script. Always strange but great to know that everything is still correct. Statistics: 896 Stakes; 340 missions; 14,131,467 members; 4 new temples dedicated, 134 temples in operation and 28,000 something wards. And a bunch of other information that I could not type fast enough to write.

How great the wisdom and the love

Boyd K. Packer

Tindell was an awesome person. Mere boy to know more about the scriptures than thou (rough quote of Tindell), how true that was once Joseph received the Book of Mormon. How great the power of prayer to provide answers!
We should refer to ourselves by Jesus' name. Such is the commandment of God. We belong to him. That is why the Church is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Word of Wisdom and Adultery, wow, these are sever concepts that eh world is struggling with. Oh, how much I worry what the world will be for my children to live in. We need to be careful to not drag it down any faster than it is already going. How hard for that young husband to let it go when the poor country doctor infected his wife while trying to treat her. To let it go helps us move on and focus on what is important. The past is not what is important, not to live in it. Learn from it and we must move forward.
Hard call for those tending their hatred or self-pity. Leave it alone and move on.

Russell M. Nelson

What a cute picture of his grandson. This is a scary world, we have to be proactive about strengthening faith. As parents this is our responsibility, to show it to our children even when things are scary. We must live it for them to truly understand it. In hard times it becomes even more important for our children to see us living it.
If we lack faith, live like we don't and eventually we won't. Such is the promise, press on for we are not alone. Faith proceeds from prayer, remember to pray.
Tithing is a privilege - how cool would it be if more people thought of it as such.Can't say I go that far but thankfully my parents instilled tithing in me and so it is not something I have ever really run from. I am really lucky for the lessons that my parents were able to teach me.

Press forward saints

Richard G. Mayes

Eternal families is truly one of the great motivators for interest in the Church.Even more fundamental in this belief is the concept that God is our literal Father.
Satan really is doing well of late in regard to destroying the family. It is crazy how difficult it seems to be now a days for people to succeed in the family. I really am a lucky man to have a wife who cares for me so much. Speakin gof which I need to go address her most recent, to do item: where do we put the boxes as we pack them? That took until after the start of the next talk. I also got distracted with a project that should have been dealt with some 6 months ago. Yeah, quick solutions are rarely the correct ones when fixing broken appliances. Oh well.

Cecil O. Samuelson

Yeah BYU! Gaining a testimony! Good topic, and using information gathered from (likely) students who have gained testimonies recently.

Dalin H. Oaks

Desires and needs all play with each other to gain prominence constantly. We need to make sure that the most important aren't loosing to the most pressing natural desires. Desire, labor and faith are the mix to achieve miracles. Ironically faith comes by desire and work. These three are closely related in many scriptures (especially when labor is replaced with seek, a labor action). Problematic P's: Property (materialism), Power, Prestige, and I forgot the other. See why I need to write these down now.
You can only lose your desire for sin through much work. Wouldn't it be nice if it was easier to lose? That would be awesome.
Wow, slam on single young people. More for the men but also a little reminder for the women. That was hilarious.

M. Russell Ballard

This reminds me of the lesson we had in Priesthood last week. When life gets rough - slow down! The importance of keeping life in prospective. It is often flecks of gold and not nuggets that we get to enjoy. So is life and the gospel - we should focus on what flecks we get and not overlook them while looking for nuggets. Patient accumulation will bring more happiness than wasting our lives looking for nuggets.
Love follows this same pattern. Children know you love them because of the many flecks. The time that you spend with them and the memories that are created. The same with friends. They are made from the moments shared. So it is that the less active should be gathered. Through many moments of love shared with them. Not ideal nuggets but rather simple flecks that add up over time. Get them involved because you want to share/show your love for them.
As we get ready to move, such is the way that we must build our community. We must be active in it and show our love for it through each little act and desire to be good neighbors.