April 2011 General Conference Session 1

President Thomas S. Monson

3 new temples! Go Canada...sorry just channeling Tom from work. Then Idaho and I totally just forgot the other, it wasn't close but still in the US.
It is always so interesting to listen to the opening pep talk. Welcome and let's get started (just said more reverently).

L. Tom Perry

Totally missed who this was, now I'm plagued with the knowledge that I know that voice (listening on the radio, ha got it). Dual Citizenship with Heaven and earth, I like that. Christ is always a great topic for apostles. I guess it is more about the New testament, but you can't separate the two that far.
Sabbath day observance, Sacrament, okay so we are talking about different topics related to Christ (as if any can be that far removed from him). We really need to get better about Sabbath day observance as my house (or I guess its not quite a house yet). We don't work or purchase things but we are plagued by the need to be entertained. That means that movies, tv shows, and video games (all at our house) have become common on Sunday. That is not how it used to be but it is how it has become. Thankfully we haven't ever miss church because of it, at least not the main block of meetings.

Jean A. Stevens (1st Councilor General Primary Presidency)

Children and tithing: I am curious about starting our oldest (not quite five) on paying tithing. I'm sure it would go better than I think, I just don't think she can understand money at all. Is that a requirement for learning about paying tithing? How much easier would it be to learn about money knowing tithing first instead of the other way around? Well, I should try with her.
Children can do the most miraculous things when they are decided upon it. Sadly the distraction of playing outside is too much for listening to conference. However, our oldest did notice when she heard her name in the address (though not in reference to her, of course).

Walter F. Gonzalez (Presidency of the Seventy)

As you might guess i found a quick way to get the names of the speakers. The live feed has become quite a bit more impressive than it used to be.
"Come and see" is a phrase that should awaken the members. We are what they are coming to see, or at least the most noticeable thing when others come to see. We need to love and look after one another: families, wards, stakes, communities, to all. That is hard but it is what we are called to do (be Mother Ruth and Joseph of Egypt). Love is an action word, we cannot love and not do anything. That does not mean that we all show it in the same way, or should be asked to, but none shows love by doing nothing.
Covenants are the way that we have been asked to show our love for our Father. They are personal and will be judged in a personal manner.

I know the my Redeemer lives

Kent F. Richards (of the Seventy)

Pain, interesting concept to start with. Very widely know by all of us. Universal remedy - repentance.
My oldest just heard the name of her cousin (virtue name, so not used as a person's name) and had to tell us. Apparently she is listening more than we give her credit.
Christ heals all the come unto him. Though, as he is pointing out, not always the same way or how we expect it but healed none the less. Stories of children and pain are very toughing as a parent. I little hard to listen to.

Quinton L. Cook

Yes, our women are incredible! Go LDS women! I can't imagine trying to nurture and teach while crossing the plains. Yet children would need that just as much if not more so in those extreme conditions.
This is an interesting story, who is this young lady? Wow, these leaders are just like little children at Christmas. No answer...not even a "it was the girl they expected" or "didn't expect". Oh well.
Balance of callings. My wife keeps wanting to be the one with the more demanding calling. She seems worried that the reason she hasn't been is because I get assigned faster (part of being less timid and shy, I think).
Our youngest needs to go to bed but my wife doesn't want to put her down because it will make for a hard night. I wanted to put her down almost 3 hours ago.
Yeah, we are tv time rich too often. We worked on getting that under control when we had a backyard but when we move and lost the backyard so went the family time in the it (back to lots of tv).

I know the my Savior loves me

President Henry B. Eyring

Living and helping one another. Living together, not just in the same place. Isn't it terrible that it takes these types of events to get many of us to wake up and do something. It is amazing what people can do when we put each other first instead of placing ourselves first.
My father took me on lots of service projects. Ironically that built in me a greater desire to be involved in such projects. It helps me understand why my leaders when, I was a youth, wanted us to have service projects every other month if not every month. That was always hard for us to find but it gave the correct impression, help others!
Sorry, I got distracted by trying to find this a place to put it. I'm a terrible person.

High on a mountain top