April 2011 General Conference Priesthood Session

Neil L. Andersen

He focused primarily on missionaries and missionary work. One of his points is that it always requires sacrifice; however, good missionaries look forward to what's ahead and not back on what they leave behind. Not focused on blessing, per say, but on the opportunities that they will continue to have in life. I was curious if my brother was watching and what his thoughts were about the remarks. How we hope that he will find guidance on how to proceed forward with his life.

Steven E. Snow (Presidency of the Seventy)

Rain, as a representation of hope, was an important illustration used. Beyond simple hope, it is requisite that our hope lead us to action. In particular it should lead to actions and not superstitions or other such actions. In his remarks we were additionally counciled not to fall victim to despair, which would destroy our hope.

Larry M. Gibson (1st Councilor Young Men's Presidency)

In guiding his remarks though the eyes of the youth for all members of quorums, he shared a story of one new Deacon's Quorum President. The young President belonged to a ward in which the Bishop understood the importance of Presidency. Brother Gibson had the opportunity to speak with this young man about his calling and what it entailed. This was done primarily through asking questions of the youth and letting him look for answers, ask questions, and seek revelation. This focused on the topics that a President is called to preside over a council (not a class), the importance of the duties of the Priesthood (and living them), and opening our mind to revelation by not limiting what we allow to come from it. I was reminded of Elder Macias and the inspiration that we would get 4 baptisms that month. Even the impossible is possible if revelation has confirmed that it is to be. That does not make it easy, but all the more important.

Redeemer of Israel

Dieter F. Uchdorf

Live up to your privileges! He shared the story of a man who went on a cruise and because he did not understand the privileges that came with his ticket, missed out on the events that he so longed to be at and the food that was available for him. Are we guilty of the same in regards to the Priesthood?
He gave some comments about how to live up to those privileges. First, make sure that our "Do-it" switch is set to "Now" and not to "Later". Also, make sure that it staying in that setting. Similar to the myriad of technology around us, to take full advantage of the features and power of these items we must read the owner's manual. So it is too with the Priesthood. God has provided the scriptures as this owner's manual. We also must take time to recognize prompting and feeling as what they truly are: revelation. As we do such we will ensure that we do not loose our awe for the magnificent. We must tend to these feelings if they are to retain their value. As such we need to be careful not to be overrun with worry, worrying, and whining.

Henry B. Eyring

Similar to Larry M. Gibson, President Eyring, spoke on the duties of the Priesthood and growing in our power to perform them. In this he focused on three points: presidency, love, and council. He particularly pointed out that the scriptures provide instruction on how Priesthood learning should be accomplished. For this we can turn to the revelations on the formation and operation of the School of the Prophets.

Thomas S. Monson

President Monson began his comments with a remark about how the things that he was going to speak on where things that keep him up at night. That was enough to spark my interest and a slight bit of fear. As he explained, all had to do with the worthy use of the Priesthood and staying worthy to use it. He counciled that we need to rise above the sinking morals of the world, and not just by a little. To do so we must build our personal testimonies of this work. He advised that we should make sure that we have read the Book of Mormon. If we have become lax in doing so that be renew our resolve. We can only ride upon the testimony of others so far.
I;m glad that I am not a man of marrying age who is not married. They received some very specific instruction. Even particular instructions depending on their particular hesitancy. For those worried about finance, it can be good for your marriage to adjust to living on very little. It requires a focus on commitment and resourcefulness, both of which are very important for your relationship. For the one's having to much fun, he counciled that nothing would bring them more happiness than to marry in the house of the Lord. For those too worried about finding the right person we received a lot of different quotes. Mainly they focused on the importance of loyalty and commitment after the choice is made and on it is more essential that you become the right person than that you marry the right person.
Finally he spoke to those already married. He pleaded that we do everything we can to keep our marriage safe. Care for and tend to our marriage relationship and live our lives above reproach and suspicion. It is not simply enough to treat her well, make sure that she never has to be concerned about your commitment to her.